Maribeth Fischer

Maribeth Fischer is the author of The Language of Goodbye (Dutton 2001), awarded Virginia Commonwealth University’s First Novel Award for 2002. Fischer’s second novel, The Life You Longed For (Simon & Schuster, 2007), an April 2007 BookSense Notable Book and a Literary Guild Alternate Selection, has sold in five countries and was cited by The Library Journal as “a perfect book-group selection—comparable to Jane Hamilton’s A Map of the World.”  Fischer received an individual artist award from the Maryland State Arts Council in 1992, and an Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for an Established Fiction Writer in 2009. She has published essays in such journals as The Iowa Review and The Yale  Review.  Her essays have twice been cited as notable in Robert Atwan’s Best American Essays. She received a Pushcart Prize for her essay “Stillborn,” and a Smart Family Prize for her essay, “Lottery.”

Maribeth founded the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild in 2005, where she currently serves as Executive Director. She has taught fiction and nonfiction at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 15 years and currently teaches classes for RBWG. She is currently completing her third novel, A Season of Perfect Happiness.


The Life You Longed For

When every mother’s worst nightmare becomes Grace’s reality, she must examine her entire life–from the wrong choices to the right mistakes.

Advance Praise for The Life You Longed For:

“The fear of losing a child is horrifying. The fear of knowing people think you hurt that child is annihilating. In The Life You Longed For, Maribeth Fischer probes the netherworld of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in an affecting, startling story. This may be the novel you longed for.”
—Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Cage of Stars

“Grace is as vigilant, astonishing, and brave as she is exhausted and imperfect. Simply put, she is a mother. In intimate and achingly lyrical language, Maribeth Fischer tackles the question: ‘How do we love in the face of inevitable loss?’ The answer she gives us is ‘Fiercely, completely.’”
—Marisa de los Santos, author of the novel Love Walked In

I’ve been an admirer of Maribeth Fischer’s work for a long time, but nothing could have prepared me for The Life You Longed For….This book moves swiftly and painfully through so many levels of grief, anger and fright–but it never loses sight of the power and majesty of love. Grace, the main character, must win her own sense of self, her own sense of responsibility to those she loves under the attack and influence of her friends, the medical community, her own tormented past, and modern ideas about motherhood, all in the shadow of something as harrowing and threatening as the Salem Witch Trials. That she manages to love her son completely and well in such storms is a positive triumph; and a testament to this writer’s understanding of the truest nature of all that is silenced in the human heart. This book should be required reading for every single person who makes a living in the medical profession; and everyone who has ever longed for the duties and rewards of parenthood.
—Robert Bausch , Out of Season

Maribeth Fischer is as much a scientist as she is a poet: in her heartbreaking exploration of motherhood and the way tragedy can grow out of everyday choices, she analyzes and deduces, layers and uncovers, to teach us things we never knew about the science of love, the biology of betrayal, and the epidemiology of loss.”
—Carolyn Parkhurst, The Dogs of Babel